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September 10, 2017

Unique Accessories|Interior Design

Photographer: Patrick Cline 


More times than not, the things that separate a beautifully designed room from a dope magazine or pin worthy one are a unique cultivated collection of Accessories!

It’s no secret that accessories are the finishing touches that will bring a room to life. But, if done right, they can be so much more! They can encompass culture, nostalgia, history, and can expose a side or an emotion from a homeowner that rarely gets to see the light of day.   Accessories can also accentuate and even balance out the larger, foundational pieces in a space.

It can take years to collect beautiful and meaningful accessories for a space. But we have a knack for quickly spotting pieces that will not only enhance your space, but also speak to your soul!  We’re OBSESSED about accessories because #DetailsMatter!  And I’d like to give you some tips on how you can find your own perfect pieces.

Let Who You Are Inspire You

Not to get all psychological on you, but many people either don’t really know who they are or they hide their true selves for one reason or another. Our quirky, weird, and unique personalities and characteristics are what make us unique and can be wonderful sources of inspiration for dope design.

Unique Accessories|Interior Design

Photographer: Beth’s iPhone


For instance, if you have an undying fascination with Greek Mythology, this Poseidon bust will surely make the history buff in you sing.  These clients might not have as intense of a fascination, but the Mister is of Greek nationality and we couldn’t resist this beauty to help represent his culture in this space.

For Nostalgia’s Sake…

Ever make a wish as a kid? Or maybe you’ve had a dream come true even as an adult? In addition to the bust, the mantle in this home was flanked with two wishbone art pieces. The clients have a broad sense of design and whimsy, so we had a blast choosing interesting and fun pieces for their sitting room. But why not have an accessory that represents special moments in our lives? It doesn’t have to be a literal representation. It just needs to be a special reminder for you every time you look at it.

Unique Accessories|Interior Design

Photographer: Patrick Cline 


This one is sure to conjure up a special feeling for a lot of people reading this post…

Unique Accessories|Interior Design

Photographer: Patrick Cline 


80’s and 90’s music, eating pizza that tastes like cardboard skating for hours with friends under colorful flashing lights . Ahhh…those were the days!

This ceramic rollerskate found at Homegoods pays tribute to an era in such a dope way.


Sure, function is critical for any space – especially small spaces. But don’t let function be a style sucker! Look for items that are a complete package where fashion MEETS function.

This brass birdie has wings that curl up into hooks! Place it near the entryway and hang your hat on that!

Unique Accessories|Interior Design

Photographer: Patrick Cline

Things That Make You Go Hmmm

In decorating, I always like to have one item that sparks a conversation or makes you wonder.   This can be an item that you have no real connection to except for the fact it looks great in your space. What ends up happening is you find yourself staring at it, researching it and having conversations with your guests about it and you end up developing a story and a connection to it.  Before you realize it, you can’t imagine your space without it. It’s like magic!

Unique Accessories|Interior Design

Photographer: Beth’s iPhone


The Thrill of the Hunt

We all have our go-to home decoration stores that we love to frequent. But it’s the small boutiques you dip into while traveling or that little mom and pop shop you keep passing but never actually went into that tend to have really unique items. And of course never underestimate a yard sale, a thrift store or getting caught down a rabbit hole while searching the internet. Keep going…a treasure awaits!

Where do you like to find your favorite decor accessories?  Do Share!

by Dionne Williams
Design Assistant, Beth Diana Smith Interior Design

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