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As a lover, follower, and fan of Design*Sponge, you can imagine that I was thrilled when they asked to feature my home. Written by Garrett Fleming, the article was a deep dive into the design decisions that I made and what products I used, and beautifully photographed by my go-to interior design photographer Patrick Cline. To read the full article and see all of the images, click here.

“For three years, Beth slowly and methodically redesigned the look of the two-bedroom house. You’ll see that each room, no matter what level of renovation or decoration, has been given Diana Studios’ careful touch. A full-bath and total kitchen makeover were the largest undertakings with new cabinets and fixtures going into both. Through Beth’s eclectic and worldly styling, she’s created “an oasis from the rest of the world,” that brings to life her hope of feeling like she’s going on vacation every time she steps through the front door. She’s eternally grateful for the “personal, colorful, and eclectic vacation spot,” she has created in the Garden State…”

Press Details

Source: Design*Sponge
Title: A Colorful, Fresh Start in New Jersey
Format: Digital
Date: October 2015
Link: Design*Sponge

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