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party reaction to "restoring glory" premier

Photographer: F. Sly Photography

So, it happened!  “Restoring Glory” aired on HGTV on Saturday and I have to say – the viewing party made the show watching experience THAT much better!  We, ate, drank, laughed, cried and sang.  So much fun!

It all began at the door.  The energy, love, and support for Beth and her first appearance on national television greeted every guest when they walked in.  That and the wonderfully sweet aroma of food!  A group of Beth’s best girlfriends were on duty in the kitchen when I arrived.

Photographer: F. Sly Photography

As I mentioned in my previous post, “Beth’s Boozy Waffles” were the highlight of the menu that day.  They were accompanied by an assortment of toppings – fruit, Haagen Daz’s Dulce de Leche ice cream, maple syrup and Amaretto.  When it came eating time, the crowd was silent – that’s how you know the food was gooood.  Less talking.  More eating!

Beth doing Facebook Live for restoring glory
Photographer: F. Sly Photography

The countdown to the show began soon after we all ate. Everyone grabbed a signature drink and started to migrate around the TV. Then we proceeded to blow up social media.  Everyone began tweeting, posting, sharing and Facebook Live-ing.  That moment was tense with excitement.  That intensity only lasted a moment though, because the room erupted with applause and cheering as soon as the show came on…and during commercials…and again when it was over.

Beth gave a tearful speech at the end of the show, thanking all of her friends and family who showed love and support during the entire 18-month process.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

There were a few surprises following her speech, which added an extra element of exclusivity to the event.

Restoring Glory Production Team
Photographer: F. Sly Photography


First, the casting and production team showed up for the premiere! Beth called on the team to say a few words of their own.  Not only did they give the party a glimpse into the journey that brought this show on air, but also they brought goodies – in the form of never-seen-before footage.  The crowd really enjoyed watching it.

When all was said and done, Beth turned up the music an invited everyone to continue to dance, mingle, and have fun.

But wait…do you remember I mentioned something about singing earlier?

Just when we thought the party was wrapping up, and people were getting their last order of “Glory Punch” or “Restoring Champaign Cosmo” from the bar…a performance!

Fun fact:  One of the production team members, with a very unassuming girl-next-door look, has a voice that could rival some of the best voices out today.  She had everyone captivated with her rendition of Alicia Keys’ “If I Ain’t Got You”.

 Restoring glory viewing party singing
Photographer: F. Sly Photography


It was a perfect way to end an awesome viewing party.

Here is a look at some additional pictures taken by partygoers.  Want to see even more photos and behind the scenes? Check out our Facebook and Instagram pages!

Did you watch the show? Did you have your own viewing party? Comment below! We would LOVE to know!

by Dionne Williams
Design Assistant, Beth Diana Smith Interior Design

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