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Photographer: Ana Gambuto


The debut of Beth’s HGTV show “Restoring Glory” is set to premiere this Saturday, May 20th at 1pm EST!  To say we are psyched – is quite the understatement.  But we’ve got no time to bask in the ‘glory’ of it all right now (see what I did there?).

No show premiere can go without a viewing party and of course we’re whipping up something spectacular. We are planning to roll out the vintage rug and serve up specially curated goodness.  Here is a glimpse at some of what we’re putting together.

In true BDSID fashion, the goal for the party is to create a cultivated experience – like we do for all of our design clients.  The feeling we’re looking to exude is that cozy, warm, comfortable lazy Sunday morning feeling.  The scene will, of course, be set at home – Beth’s home.  A perfectly beautiful and cozy foundation.

We’re serving this party up brunch-style with comfort food and drinks that are delicious to the palate and warming to the soul.  One of the stars of the viewing party – waffles.  but not your Aunt Jemima’s waffles.  We’re having Beth’s Boozy Dulce de Leche Waffles.  They are indulgent, delectable and, with only 5 steps, they’re super simple to make.  Here’s how Beth puts it together:

Beth’s Boozy Dulce de Leche Waffles:
Step 1. Make the Waffles.  Any box or scratch recipe followed as directed will do.  Beth is fully aware that cooking, or as she calls this – baking (smirk) – is not her strong suit.  So, she holds no guilt using a boxed variety for this dish.  But she does frown upon the frozen kind.
Step 2. Plate them up.  Once the waffles are made, place one waffle on a plate for serving.
Step 3.  Add Ice Cream. Scoop one or two helpings of Haagen Daz’s Dulce de Leche ice cream on top of each waffle.  (Note: substitutions here would be a crime.  Stick with Haagen Daz brand Dulce de Leche here.  They are not sponsors.  They are just good!)
Step 4. Pour Amaretto -a sweet, almond-flavored, Italian liqueur – over the top.  About 2 tablespoons would do, but theres no hard and fast rule here.
Step 5.  Serve. And enjoy!

Now, to wash it down, we’re highlighting two beverages at our viewing party.  They are signature drinks – both appropriately named with a take on the show’s title and will be made to order by an in-house bartender from our favorite drink masters, Justin Burch and Jason Livingston who co-own Taylor Made Bartender Services.  One of the specialty drinks is called “Glory Punch” – a down home comfort drink that will be served mason jar style.  The second drink –  “Restoring Champagne Cosmo” will bring an elevated feminine touch to our party – served in Champagne glasses.

Simple recipes and ingredients are the name of the game for this party.  Here’s how these two bevvies come together:

Glory Punch:
– 1/2 oz Simple syrup
– 1/2 oz Lemon juice
– 1 oz Bourbon whiskey
– 1 oz Aged Dark rum
– 2 oz Brandy
– Garnished w/ orange slice & cherry
*Combine all ingredients with ice and shake.  Strain over fresh ice into a mason jar.  Add straw and sip slow.

Restoring Champagne Cosmo: 
– 1 oz Citron vodka
– 1 oz Pink lemonade
– Fill with Champagne
– Garnished w/ lemon slices
*Combine Citron vodka and pink lemonade in a shaker.  Strain into champagne glass.  Top off with champagne.

When the show is over and the viewing party wraps, guests will not leave empty handed.  In fact we’re assembling swag bags that will allow partygoers to take their experience home with Gift bags filled with some of Beth’s Favorite Things! Gah!

This viewing party will be a blast and we want to invite you to join in on the fun!  Whip up some of the treats mentioned here or make some of your own favorites, watch the show and meet us on social media.  We’ll be live on all social media platforms with pictures and video of our viewing party and the spread!  We’ll also be looking to interact with you. Look for us @bethdianasmith and Like, subscribe, and comment!

Talk to you then! Can’t wait!

by Dionne Williams
Design Assistant, Beth Diana Smith Interior Design


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  1. Just wanted to say it’s nice to see some “color” on hgtv. Native American myself and rarely see anything but these channels dominated by white folk. Congratulations on your show. I’m watching right now for the first time. You’re doing great guys! Keep it up and look forward to more episodes!

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