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Interior Design isn’t about picking out pretty things, it’s about creating an environment for your client that creates a positive impact on them and their family. It’s about creating a place that is reflective of them and flows with how they optimally need to function based on their personality and routine. It encompasses everything from where the walls go, to the angle of the vase on the dining room table, to how the art is curated. And that’s just to start. It is my goal to share my love of interior design with my clients and to leave them with the tools that they need to feel happy, renewed, and inspired when they are home. It never occurred to me, nor was it a goal, to be able to share what I love on a national stage. But that’s where we are…

I wrapped filming a pilot for HGTV this past February and I am happy to announce that on Saturday, May 20 at 1pm, that pilot will be premiering! The name of the show is Restoring Glory and it’s focused on renovating Victorian era homes (houses built between 1830-1910 approx). The type of homes that I grew up surrounded by in Montclair, NJ, and for that I’m blessed because it made me appreciate the architecture, history, and beauty of those homes from an early age.

Behind the Scenes: Reveal Day with my co-star, Daren Rogers.

So please DVR and join us at home by watching with your tribe, a cocktail, and some great food. And join me during the show on Facebook live and tweeting with us using #restoringglory!

Thank you and I hope you enjoy the show!!


Who we are intersects with what we create. – David Oyelowo


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  1. Beth, first allow me to congratulate you on your new awesome show on HGTV. I just finished watching and I totally enjoyed how you took the vision and personality of your clients and transformed it into spaces that truly reflect that family’s perspective and culture. Most designers take their own personal ideas and visions and incorporate them into the client’s home. So it was quite refreshing to finally see something and someone different and inspiring. I was greatly impressed. I also enjoyed your co-star Daren tremendously. The way he explained in detail about the structure differences in a Victorian home was quite interesting. I have somewhat of a fascination with that style and era. So it was exciting to hear his commentary exude so much passion. The both of you were so warm and engaging. I felt as though I was right there in the home with you,

    So happy for you!!!


  2. I enjoyed your show so very much and I hope HGTV will be wise enough to pick it up for a series. It would be nice to see more shows that are intelligent, informative, respectful of history and leave out the fake drama. Restoring Glory succeeded on all points. Best of luck!

  3. So happy to stumble across your show on HGTV today! Wonderful job glad to see something local to New Jersey (and designers of color). Hope to see more episodes.

  4. Caught your show the first time and almost “flipped” myself. This is the house my family grew up in from 1958 to 1980. My sister in NY confirmed it, and we have all watched this episode. When you first mentioned the “rather strange” kitchen, there was no question. Very curious as to whether you have done/ will do additional renovation – especially curious about the basement and third floor. Please let the owners know if they’d like some history – we can work to provide. Hope there’s more coming!

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