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When NBC’s Open House NYC reached out to ask to feature my home I was ecstatic. Not only because as I designer I was excited and humbled, but because my home has had quite a journey.

Can you believe this is a house I purchased at 22 while still in college? I was young, ambitious, with big responsibilities and even bigger goals. This home has evolved so much over the years and is filled with love, memories, and some amazing things.

My home has changed drastically for several reasons… my mother died in my home which pushed me to make huge changes (tragedy often leads to change), I got older and became much more in-tune with who I was and how I wanted to live, I became obsessed with wanting my home to be my sanctuary and personal oasis, and because I became a designer and learned about everything from proportion, color, space planning, and 1.5 billion other things.

Design is not about picking out pretty things, it’s about understanding who your client is and creating an environment that lends to their mental and spiritual health while showcasing their personal style. Design has a lot to do with understanding how people think and why they think that way, and the knowing that the choices we make can impact how we live. My best projects have been those in which the client trusted me and my skillset including how important details are because they are what make the design, how design is about knowing the rules well enough to break them, and how design requires technical knowledge and creativity. Every single choice a designer makes is for a purpose.

My home reflects my needs, wants, and personal story. My home reflects the life I’ve lived and the life I want. To see my segment that aired on NBC, click here.

Press Details

Source: NBC
Title: Open House NYC
Format: Television
Date: January 21, 2018
Link: YouTube

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