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Event Description

I had the pleasure of filming The Morning Mill Podcast done by the amazing team at Real Antique Wood. We about talked everything from how I became a designer to how I approach design and my advice to entrepreneurs. Although this was a funny interview, where I probably had too much fun, there are some great takeaways.


Podcast Highlights:

Invest in yourself MORE than you invest in someone else, and that includes your boss and your company.

Be kind, being a good person will take you far and no one wants to work with a douchebag.

Try to understand the “why” with your client. We all have our reasons why we love or hate certain things, it’s our job as a designer to get our client to get outside the box to create best design for them.

Surround yourself with an amazing tribe. People are willing to help but you have to be willing to do the same.

Event Details

Event Title: Episode 17 – The Morning Mill Podcast
Host: The Morning Mill Podcast by Real Antique Wood
Format: Video Podcast
Date: August 7, 2018
Location: Digital
Link: YouTube 

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