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Business of Home did a great video recap of the Black Interior Designers Network’s Breaking The Mold panel that was held at New York School of Interior Design. The video outlines the post-panel thoughts of each panelist and what we hope comes next. And in case you missed it, the sold-out panel was a great conversation between Bailey Li, Kesha Franklin, Saudah Saleem, Keita Turner, and myself, and moderated by friend and BIDN president Keia McSwain.

The panel was a dynamic conversation covering various topics that was not just focused on race… because besides being beautifully black, we are also designers who want to talk about our process, our style, our inspiration, and how we run our businesses.

Keia ended the night with a powerful question, “What is the blueprint for a more diverse and inclusive design industry?” This led to many questions by the attendees and many perspectives by the panel. Portions of my response was quoted by Architectural Digest who attended the panel:
“A dope space is a dope space. It shouldn’t matter what color the designer is.” Though, addressing on the oft-cited excuse that black designers present a different style, she argued (to rounding applause): “I don’t care if my room looks like it just came down from the mountains of Wakanda. Our black spaces matter too.” Let the industry take note.

Why was that my response? Because black culture is beautiful and should not be ignored because it shows black influence or inspiration.

Press Details

Source: Business of Home
Title: BOH’s Highlights of BIDN’s Panel About Inclusion
Format: Digital
Date: January 19, 2019
Link: BOH’s Highlights of BIDN’s Panel About Inclusion

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