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I had a fun, interesting, and rather engrossing conversation with Go Design Go where we talked about everything from my career in finance, buying a house at 22 and sleeping on the mattress on my floor, the pivotal points in my career, how I run my business, and so much more.

Here are a few highlights:
– On my clients: “I want them to come home and see another realm of possibility.”
– On my view on culture since it heavily influences my design style: “Culture can’t just be in what we traditionally think, it can also be in the untraditional elements. We want to just inspire the client to think outside of their own box…”
– Go Design Go on me: Smith promotes the potentiality for herself and clients to actually learn from the pieces she introduces to them.
– On why I always leave an elephant in my clients space: “I always leave an elephant in my clients’ spaces. That’s my signature thing because I want to wish them good luck in their new space.”

Press Details

Source: Go Design Go
Title: Designer Spotlight: Beth Diana Smith
Format: Digital
Date: April 15, 2019
Link: Designer Spotlight: Beth Diana Smith

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