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Our Services

  • Residential Design
  • Floor Planning
  • Space Planning
  • Color Consultations
  • Kitchen & Bath
  • Art Curation
  • Commercial Design
  • e-Design
  •  Project Management
  • Executive Offices
  • Set Design
  • Pick My Brain Sessions (1)*
  •  Custom Furnishings
  •  Construction Documents
  •  AutoCAD Drawings
  •  Shopping Trips (2)*

(1) This is a 30 minute phone session where you have the opportunity to “pick my brain” on any and everything regarding your design project.
(2) This a a set time block where we shop for what you need to complete your space including decor and art curation, furniture selections, and installation.
*This is custom BDSID specialized service. Please email for more information.

Our Design Process

Interior design is an intimate process between the client and the designer that
requires communication, open and honest dialogue, and the ability of the client to
trust the process. See the steps below to get an overall understanding
of what to expect from the first introduction to the end of the design process.

Step 1: The Introduction

This is the first part of the process and it allows us to collect preliminary contact and project information. You can consider this exploratory research about you, how you live, your home, and the project. This is where we request that you fill out our digital client questionnaire and then we move on to Step 2.

Step 2: The Consultation

This is the second portion of our research where we collect all of the information needed to understand the project scope and your wants and needs. We visit the project site to walkthrough the space with you and discuss your project in depth. Expect to spend 2 hours with us exploring initial design ideas.

Step 3: The Paperwork

This is where we calculate the design fee based on the project scope, we create an itemized budget so you can track the details of what is being spent, and we sign the contract. The contract provides you with everything you need to know and anticipate. Once the contract is executed we move onto Step 4!

Step 4: The Design Process

This is the part of the process where we take the initial design ideas and evolve them into the design concept. Everything from where the walls will go (floor plans), furniture plans, color palettes, furnishings and finishes, and so much more, become the full picture and are brought to life. Are you ready for your new home?

Ready to become a client?

Please fill out the client questionnaire here. After reviewing your questionnaire we will get in contact with you to discuss your project and to schedule your consultation.

Thank you for your interest in Beth Diana Smith Interior Design!

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